MTSU Tha Remix


"Remember not only who died for this country. Remember who they died for. "


Great Memorial Day in 2017!  Big shot out to "Tha Remix" crew at MTSU radio! DJ Pepper and the lovely Ms. Alexander who showed us a great time with the Brineaboy interview. Great feeling of respect across the board. We are looking forward to working with them in the future, helping bridge the gap with music. Make sure you tune in to their show. Great music and content! 


We setup a meeting with Pepper and Alexander at a show we had in Murfreesboro. Pepper had his reservations about the venue. Turns out his instincts were accurate. The sound man was 2 hours late. So, we kindly backed out of the situation and met up with them at the local Mellow Mushroom. Did not take long to realize how genuine and passionate these beautiful people were. We talked about music, life and community along with other meaningful topics. The radio show was basically a continuation of that conversation without the pizza and VW bus in our view. It's always great to meet people you can network with who are just as motivated as you are.