Better now, the never...

I have been updating a few things in the studio. This track is a result of finally getting around to doing so. I am very excited for this upcoming season for my musical endeavors. I have collected enough parts for the studio where I have absolutely no excuses to NOT be creative. With my life schedule getting a makeover I am hoping to get the time I want to make a lot of music. So “Stay in the Loop” and join me on this adventure.

Thoughts of an Old Head



What if I told you twenty plus years ago, I was part of the most fierce Hip-Hop collective ever known. Well, known to me anyway. Today, one of the cornerstones of that conglomerate ,Mr. Harris dropped a long over due dime piece on his Facebook feed. This brought back so many memories from a very inspirational time in my life. Listening to my brother spit heat over a fire track from my other brother N2WishN... Whoa! Can’t even begin to tell you the joy hearing that collaboration brought to my ears. I know these two have so much more heat to flood the masses with. I’m getting goose bumps waiting for the next one to drop.

-I.C.E. Till I Die!-


"Depth Perception"

This track will be available soon! Who's looking for a laid back track with a jazzy piano in the background to help paint a vivid picture. Hip-Hop heads beware... This one might cause Heavy Head Nodding and Serious Neck Snapping. Please remember that I bring the Bass. So, make sure your speakers are adjusted correctly. Feel free to contact me if you need more info. Thanks for listening!

Titles Are For Normal People...

That voice sounds familiar... 


Excited about this track from Airxsin featuring my counterpart, Amy Wright! It's always a beautiful thing when you can collaborate with your peers to make some great music. I feel very lucky that such talented artists allow me to watch and learn real pros go to work.



The "Go Electro" moment is starting to gain momentum. Can't wait to hear some more collaborations from PreCog, Robots Against Children, HR Lexy and Bryan Talbot. Hopefully I can get the MPC involved in some of these projects.

Robots Against Children

Robots Against Children

Nothing like the feeling of fresh ideas to get the imagination going. So expect things to get a little weird around Nashville. There will be an event coming soon that will include most of the "Go Electro" collective, so prepare your mind for a knob twisting, pad banging, guitar warping, synthesizer modeling experience. 

Bryan Talbot  

Bryan Talbot  

Never be afraid to get lost in being the real you. That is where you will find the greatest you. 

Keep Banging


The Electronic Network

Music, Lights and New Friends!  



Got to meet some great people who love making music as much as I do. "The East Room" was taken over by a developing culture of Electronic Music that has been making its way through the thick brush of the country music jungle in Nashville. PreCog, Brineaboy and Damn the Witch Siren came and set the tone for the new look of local music. 



So now it's the beginning of a musical revolution. Musicians armed with guitars, keyboards, computers, drum machines and microphones are booking gigs and taking names. With Nashville's booming population and growing diversity, who knows how BIG the Electronic Scene will get. From what I have experienced in this town, Electronic music is a more accurate representation of the culture of this town. So many different backgrounds of music coming together to make the sound we call Electronic. 


Damn the Witch Siren

Damn the Witch Siren

Let's see if Nashville is ready for the flashing lights, looping beats and the lack of twang in this new adventure. Be sure to follow and participate in the up and coming events from the fore mentioned groups. Setup your playlists and sing along with them on this bass heavy expedition.

MTSU Tha Remix


"Remember not only who died for this country. Remember who they died for. "


Great Memorial Day in 2017!  Big shot out to "Tha Remix" crew at MTSU radio! DJ Pepper and the lovely Ms. Alexander who showed us a great time with the Brineaboy interview. Great feeling of respect across the board. We are looking forward to working with them in the future, helping bridge the gap with music. Make sure you tune in to their show. Great music and content! 


We setup a meeting with Pepper and Alexander at a show we had in Murfreesboro. Pepper had his reservations about the venue. Turns out his instincts were accurate. The sound man was 2 hours late. So, we kindly backed out of the situation and met up with them at the local Mellow Mushroom. Did not take long to realize how genuine and passionate these beautiful people were. We talked about music, life and community along with other meaningful topics. The radio show was basically a continuation of that conversation without the pizza and VW bus in our view. It's always great to meet people you can network with who are just as motivated as you are. 


Say What?!?!


Nothing like the feeling when professionals chose to write positive things about something you worked on and are passionate about. To think that a "Side Project" would turn into something so much bigger than you expected. There is so much work left to do in this journey. But it's definitely starting off with great results. Can't say enough about my talented counterpart. She delivers every time! Can't say enough about my good friend  and director, Josh Carples. He did such an amazing job with this work of art. They both make it look so easy. We had a hell of a team that helped make this possible. Thanks to No Country for New Nashville for the props! I'm feeling quite motivated. 

click the link below for the review


1st Brineaboy Video "Unalienable"

Still shot from Brineaboy video "Unalienable" 

Still shot from Brineaboy video "Unalienable"

When this project started, I firgured it would be a great time for me to get back to making some dope beats for a very talented artist.  Coming from a small city with Hip-Hop ambitions, I was never really given a lot of opportunities with my music. With the exception of my "ILL Circle" counterparts, no one really gravitated to my style of beats. So, when given the suggestion to work with, Amy I really wasn't expecting a whole lot to come from it. Especially since she was already pretty active with her rock band "Yumi and the System". But, once I sent her that first track which ended up being "Whatever the Odds", that she basically sent back to me within a few hours I knew something awesome was beginning. "Unalienable" is the 3rd song we created. After a strategic meeting of minds, we decided to make "Unalienable" our first release. I reached out to the director of the video, Josh Carples to create the vision for this song. He is a long time friend from my hometown. He is a bit of a renaissance man. He is a musician, singer, songwriter, actor, photographer, videographer... the list goes on. Me and Amy both agreed to let him have free-range for this project. Needless to say we are quite pleased with his results. Then, there is Kristy West a long time friend of Amy. Ms. West is our image specialist! She has headed our photo shoots with grace and elegance. She also headed the production on the video, making this whole process possible. The cast and crew were all friends willing to jump in and help put this together. We had an amazing time. And, I got to give a big shot out to my lady in life and happiness for putting together that fly outfit for the video. She has been helping me get my swag on point. Success is all about the people around you. Choose wisely!