Centrifugal Force

As I dig through forgotten recordings from the past, I sometimes come across a frequency that will not let me pass. No matter how hard I try to avoid conflict, I am forced to draw upon my weapons to insure my survival. With every battle scar earned I gain the strength and wisdom to continue on my journey. Even though it is a journey with no end, I will kept walking the path until death becomes me.

Better now, the never...

I have been updating a few things in the studio. This track is a result of finally getting around to doing so. I am very excited for this upcoming season for my musical endeavors. I have collected enough parts for the studio where I have absolutely no excuses to NOT be creative. With my life schedule getting a makeover I am hoping to get the time I want to make a lot of music. So “Stay in the Loop” and join me on this adventure.

Thoughts of an Old Head




What if I told you twenty plus years ago, I was part of the most fierce Hip-Hop collective ever known. Well, known to me anyway. Today, one of the cornerstones of that conglomerate ,Mr. Harris dropped a long over due dime piece on his Facebook feed. This brought back so many memories from a very inspirational time in my life. Listening to my brother spit heat over a fire track from my other brother N2WishN... Whoa! Can’t even begin to tell you the joy hearing that collaboration brought to my ears. I know these two have so much more heat to flood the masses with. I’m getting goose bumps waiting for the next one to drop.

-I.C.E. Till I Die!-


"Depth Perception"

This track is available! Who's looking for a laid back track with a jazzy piano in the background to help paint a vivid picture. Hip-Hop heads beware... This one might cause Heavy Head Nodding and Serious Neck Snapping. Please remember that I bring the Bass. So, make sure your speakers are adjusted correctly. Feel free to contact me if you need more info. Thanks for listening!