Better now, the never...

I have been updating a few things in the studio. This track is a result of finally getting around to doing so. I am very excited for this upcoming season for my musical endeavors. I have collected enough parts for the studio where I have absolutely no excuses to NOT be creative. With my life schedule getting a makeover I am hoping to get the time I want to make a lot of music. So “Stay in the Loop” and join me on this adventure.

1st Brineaboy Video "Unalienable"

Still shot from Brineaboy video "Unalienable" 

Still shot from Brineaboy video "Unalienable" 


When this project started, I firgured it would be a great time for me to get back to making some dope beats for a very talented artist.  Coming from a small city with Hip-Hop ambitions, I was never really given a lot of opportunities with my music. With the exception of my "ILL Circle" counterparts, no one really gravitated to my style of beats. So, when given the suggestion to work with, Amy I really wasn't expecting a whole lot to come from it. Especially since she was already pretty active with her rock band "Yumi and the System". But, once I sent her that first track which ended up being "Whatever the Odds", that she basically sent back to me within a few hours I knew something awesome was beginning. "Unalienable" is the 3rd song we created. After a strategic meeting of minds, we decided to make "Unalienable" our first release. I reached out to the director of the video, Josh Carples to create the vision for this song. He is a long time friend from my hometown. He is a bit of a renaissance man. He is a musician, singer, songwriter, actor, photographer, videographer... the list goes on. Me and Amy both agreed to let him have free-range for this project. Needless to say we are quite pleased with his results. Then, there is Kristy West a long time friend of Amy. Ms. West is our image specialist! She has headed our photo shoots with grace and elegance. She also headed the production on the video, making this whole process possible. The cast and crew were all friends willing to jump in and help put this together. We had an amazing time. And, I got to give a big shot out to my lady in life and happiness for putting together that fly outfit for the video. She has been helping me get my swag on point. Success is all about the people around you. Choose wisely!