Down the Rabbit Hole

Some things cannot be denied. Even when everything around you is telling you to walk away or get out. Sometimes the frequency calls you. You could join it, fight it, ignore it or absorb its power to make it something more. Either way the power is there to be unleashed onto this world. Beware of the weak, beware of the ones who seek power and embrace the ones who are brave for they maybe the ones who free you from the Trap.

Centrifugal Force

As I dig through forgotten recordings from the past, I sometimes come across a frequency that will not let me pass. No matter how hard I try to avoid conflict, I am forced to draw upon my weapons to insure my survival. With every battle scar earned I gain the strength and wisdom to continue on my journey. Even though it is a journey with no end, I will kept walking the path until death becomes me.

Beyond One's Depth

I labeled this as an R&B track. Honestly, I just flipped a coin. Normally I would just label something like this a “Hybrid” track but I was unable to recognize any other elements. I will leave that to the Universe. I am sure it will reveal itself to its rightful destiny.

Better now, the never...

I have been updating a few things in the studio. This track is a result of finally getting around to doing so. I am very excited for this upcoming season for my musical endeavors. I have collected enough parts for the studio where I have absolutely no excuses to NOT be creative. With my life schedule getting a makeover I am hoping to get the time I want to make a lot of music. So “Stay in the Loop” and join me on this adventure.

"Depth Perception"

This track is available! Who's looking for a laid back track with a jazzy piano in the background to help paint a vivid picture. Hip-Hop heads beware... This one might cause Heavy Head Nodding and Serious Neck Snapping. Please remember that I bring the Bass. So, make sure your speakers are adjusted correctly. Feel free to contact me if you need more info. Thanks for listening!